Pastor Alan Davis D.Min.

Published September 9, 2021 by Pastor Alan in

Times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Quickly time goes by us so we must make the best of its use. Wednesday Bible Study/ Prayer has been a blessing. Presently we going through the book of Jeremiah. Apostasy was prevalent in the Prophets day so is it in ours. We must stand in the truth and be set free in the Spirit to proclaim the truth. Sunday mornings we are going through the book of Acts with the emphasis of the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of false teachings about  Gods Spirit and I am  going to point these out verse by verse. As a Church, Christians must have a Berean type like character and study the Word of God ( Acts 17:11).Its so easy to become complaisant in our society today and take things as they are in these times without thinking.