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The Gift

Pastor AlanDec 7, 2022

For those who celebrate Christmas there is a time buy gifts in an expression of love and giving to one another. The Lord Jesus Christ came to us as a free gift to accept Him as Savior of our lives.…

Constantly Praying

Pastor AlanDec 6, 20221

When one prays there is a moving of the Spirit of God; seeking fellowship, giving thanks, thinking of others, praying for His will and the list goes on. What wonderful relationship knowing that our Savior still loves us regardless of…


Pastor AlanDec 5, 20222

When God created Adam, He also created Eve back in Genesis 2. He didn’t create Eve for Eve and Adam for Adam. Today with the Respect for Marriage Act being passed the government should have no right to force any…

Bad News Good News

Pastor AlanNov 30, 20224

Looking at the news today on the side of a Christian apart from the truth of Christ is bad news around the world. Riots, murders, the economy and the list goes on. People today want good news but look in…

A Sinner

Pastor AlanNov 29, 202211

Ever see yourself less than what you appear to be? Before the Lord without His mercy and grace we are nothing more than sinners with out hope. Thankfully Jesus has forgiven and was made the supreme sacrifice for our sins.…