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Whose Servant?

Pastor AlanAug 16, 20224

Making good choices is a wise way to go. Jesus told His disciples to continue in His word. This was His way or to serve sin. As a servant you can’t do both either you hate one or serve the…

The Sacrifice Of Christ

Pastor AlanAug 15, 202210

Back in the Old Testament a spotless animal would be sacrificed before the altar of God. The people of Israel would do this once a year to atone for their sins. When Jesus died, he was made a sacrifice for…

Redeeming The Time

Pastor AlanAug 12, 202211

This summer is going by very quickly and we must use our time wisely. Christ is coming back for His church and we must be faithful to Him. Invest in some time Him today knowing that the world is evil.…

False Teaching

Pastor AlanAug 9, 202219

False teaching started at the Garden of Eden and continues to this day. Mixing truth with error has always been Satans trick. The increase in false teaching has only increased in these last days. lately for example, Universalism says that…

Lasting Forever

Pastor AlanAug 8, 202220

Today people invest in stocks, bonds, homes,401k and many other ways of making money. Over a period of time one can lose their investment or see this grow. In the Bible there is an eternal investment that can never be…