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Thank The Lord

Pastor AlanMar 22, 20231

Today we can thank the Lord for his blessings and all things that pertain to us. Why not stop and thank Him now and give Him the praise. Ephesians 5:20.


It Takes Teamwork

Pastor AlanMar 21, 20231

With any job it takes teamwork if you have more than one person that it takes to do the job. In the church which is the body of Christ, there are many members which should follow Christs example and build…


Resist The Devil

Pastor AlanMar 20, 20231

When it comes down to our spiritual battles we must let the Lord fight them for us. We are no match for the enemy and his forces. James 4:7.


Nothing Is Impossible

Pastor AlanMar 15, 20234

Do we have mountains in our life that can’t be moved or problems? Going around one doesn’t do any good. Going through with the Lord does. Matthew 17:20.


Shine Your Light

Pastor AlanMar 14, 20234

Daylight savings time is here and it’s encouraging that warm weather is right around the corner. Shining our light means to share the light of the Gospel and our witness. Just as the days are getting longer, this should give…