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Lord Send Me

Pastor AlanJan 31, 20231

We all have a calling in life , if we take life seriously. If we take God seriously then He will take us seriously. Many a Prophet in the Bible has been called by God, but there has to be…


Tell The Truth

Pastor AlanJan 30, 20231

Ever meet or seen someone caught in a lie and they thought they could get away with it? It’s much easier to tell the truth and be free of any cover up. Remember a lie lasts a short time and…


The Incarnate Word

Pastor AlanJan 25, 20234

God came into this world as flesh and dwelt as a man with mankind. He was born of a virgin, grew and went about His Fathers business. Jesus Christ our Savior and sacrifice for mankind full of grace and truth.…


Know Gods Word

Pastor AlanJan 24, 202314

Keeping something precious close to us is very important, as to not losing or forgetting where we put it. Finding and rejoicing in said object comforts us and should respond in thanks. Gods Word should always be close to us…


Actions Speak Loudly

Pastor AlanJan 23, 202314

Prayer is a much needed today among Gods people more than ever. Alone prayer is our guide to do the next part of our faith and that is to do something about it. Just as faith without works is dead,…