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Texas Tragedy

Pastor AlanMay 25, 20222

The other day a lone gunman shot and killed 19 children and 2 adults in an Elementary School. One person asked me, Why did God allow this to happen? First God is not the author of evil. Second the Lord…

The Race

Pastor AlanMay 23, 20224

Today people are in a hurry to get to their destinations and sometimes try to get there first. In the Bible we have a race that encourages us to run our lives towards the goal of Jesus Christ. Let’s get…


Pastor AlanMay 20, 202213

Freedom is a right given to us by the Lord that needs to be preserved. Today as in times past one must fight for what they hold dear to them. History teaches us if we don’t fight for freedom we…

False Doctrine

Pastor AlanMay 18, 202217

Over the years in ministry I have seen good churches go bad. It starts with a false teacher coming in and is popular with the people. After a while a click develops and there is mounting pressure on the pastor…


Pastor AlanMay 16, 202233

We have seen today an acceptance of this life style in our government, families, schools and churches. No where in the Bible is this life style accepted. Today we need more than ever to reach the Homosexual for Christ. In…