Because You Prayed

I really like this poem

Because you Prayed

I have seen the nightfall and heard the thunder roar
I have reached the edge of light and taken one step more
I have found new courage to meet each rising day
Because I know you spoke my name
When you knelt to pray

I have sought His wisdom when every path grew dark
I have sought His healing hand to ease my aching heart
I have known the blessing of fervent prayers entwined
Because your voice was lifted up
Pleading there with mine

Many prayers are spoken; some are left unsaid
Many prayers are offered up as works of love instead
When you strengthened me and sheltered me
He heard your still, unspoken plea
And though you stood beside me your soul was on its knees

Through our joy and sorrow, in all that we endure
Though we see imperfectly, of this much I am sure
God hears every whisper and answers faithfully
And my heart is filled with gratitude
Because you prayed for me.

—Debbie Maxwell

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16b

To God Be The Glory

Pastor RDWJR