God Will Move the Stone

God Will Move the Stone
Read: Mark 16:1-14
When they looked up, they saw that the stone had been rolled away. Mark 16:4
The women who sought to anoint the dead body of Jesus are to be commended for their tender love and regard for the Savior. Yet, as they came near the place of burial, the practical difficulty of moving the heavy stone that sealed His tomb brought them unnec¬essary anxiety. Their fears were groundless; the stone had already been moved.
So too, we are often needlessly concerned over prospective dif¬ficulties that God graciously removes or helps us overcome. Let us exercise greater faith in facing possible obstructions on the pathway of duty. We may be sure of the Lord’s assistance in such matters when we press on in His name and for His glory.
The following poem gives us some practical admonitions that apply to today’s reading:
In today’s bright sunlight basking,
Leave tomorrow’s cares alone—
Spoil not present joys by asking:
“Who shall roll away the stone?’’
Oft, before we’ve faced the trial We have come with joy to own,
Angels have from heaven descended
And have rolled away the stone. —Anonymous
Go forward today on the pathway of service, undaunted by pos¬sible future obstacles. Let your heart be cheered by the certainty that whatever difficulty you may face, God will move the stone.
If God doesn’t remove an obstacle, He’ll help you find a way around it.