Psalm 11:5

The LORD examines the righteous, But the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates. Psalm11:5

A dear saint of God, almost a century old, said, “As I look back over my long life, the dealings of God that were bitterest at the time are now sweetest as I remember them and under­stand His purposes.” The songwriter put it like this: “When fierce temptations try my heart, I’ll sing, ‘Jesus is mine!’ And so, though tears at times may start, I’m singing all the time.” Most of us must confess we find it difficult to sing in times of sorrow, suffering, and trial. Yet, if we understood that God has a reason for either ordering or allowing every pressure we face, rejoicing would more readily flow from our hearts.

Bitter disappointments, painful suffering, and shattering sorrow, if accepted in faith, can be a means of strengthening our character. What peace is ours when we learn to praise Him for the pressure!